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“One of perhaps the most complex segments in the work of accounting and finance relates to

salary calculation and personnel records”



Frequent changes in legal regulations and regulations, as well as regular updating of announcements from the tax

administration there is a need for regular training and education in this area.


Keeping abreast of laws and regulations is key to running a successful business,this complex and sensitive area requires a lot of time and attention.


Our employees follow the latest changes in the law, follow the announcements of the tax administration on a daily

basis and make sure that our clients get the most important and up-to-date information on time, providing

absolutely all the solutions they need our clients work according to the regulations and successfully run their business.



Our salary calculation and personnel records services include complete care and keeping of administration and records in accordance with the needs of your company.


Some of the meters we take care of are: monthly payroll, making payroll, keeping tax cards for each employee individually, ID forms, payouts by employer order, R-Sm form, employee check-in and check-out, changes in pension and health insurance, etc.

"We are aware that time is one of the most precious things in the life of every entrepreneur and we are here to provide you with maximum time savings by taking on a large part of your responsibilities"