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   Wholesale of stainless steel products


“After 2 decades of doing business, we started noticing that the business process started to cause us problems due to an outdated system in which we could not implement modern programs and monitor market modernization. The We were overwhelmed with paperwork, and we ran our business mostly through excel, which made certain segments of our business even more difficult. I won't even talk about mobility, considering that all the data was on our server, so access to it was only possible from a computer in the company. After deciding that we needed to change something, we went over to the Tenabe Accounting Office through a recommendation. Communication and implementation of the online system was surprisingly easy for us, although we were initially a little scared to assume that transferring data to the new platform would be complicated, we adapted very quickly and recognized the benefits of the new system in a very short time. Apart from maximally simplified business and simple and efficient communication with our new accounting office, for me probably the biggest benefit was mobility, I was literally thrilled by the fact that all the data relevant to my business can be seen where and when I want. What I would definitely say to anyone who is still hesitant about whether it is time to switch to online business is not to procrastinate, the benefits far outweigh the effort to adapt to change. "

Processing, sale and import of all types of stone


"The growth and development of each company is based on the values ​​and goals of the same, some of our goals are to ensure the agreed quality of products and services, and all necessary resources, monitoring new trends and satisfaction of each customer with quality, deadline and price at his level. Having in mind our wishes and the current situation in which we found ourselves, we succeeded with the help of the Accounting Office TENA BE d.o.o. define our problems and processes that we need to modernize, and we started working on optimizing our entire business process. Some of the items we have successfully solved are monitoring and informing in our business by individual production cycles (this was largely related to waste material), we have made categorizations in business processes, and we have solved the problem of monitoring inventory and adjusting price lists by different categories of customers. production stages. Of course, none of the above happened overnight, but the individual analyzes and reports we made with the help of our accounting helped us to adjust and elaborate the whole venture. Nowadays, one of the most important business items is to have accounting that offers a wide range of services and follows current market trends, in a way accounting is there to guide and direct us, so it could be said that it allows us controlled and healthy growth of our company.

Wholesale, services, culinary studio, web shop


Every developing company has its problems that may not be seen right at the beginning, so in our story, after our business "heated up" and our business expanded to more organizational activities (fairs, kitchen studio, sales), a large the number of items in our sales range began to pose a problem in the visibility and organization of our business.It was difficult to monitor the state of stocks, with the messy system came other problems, such as making accurate reports and invoicing systems. By transferring to the accounting office of TENA BE d.o.o. and setting up a new system, in just a few days we solved our problems, transferring the data of our catalog of items which we were most "afraid" we did quickly and without much complication, which really surprised us. Thus, we solved the problems with the state of stocks, the accuracy of the report and we created a unique invoicing system. An additional benefit was mobility and online information, the nature of our work does not keep us in place, so this has proven to be a great solution for monitoring our business outside the office. "