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POGLEDI d.o.o. naš strateški IT partner


Nowadays, when organizing and providing service activities is unthinkable to do business

without full application of available information technologies.


In 2009 we started with the cooperation with the company POGLEDI doo. POGLEDI d.o.o.

The cooperation is focused on the development and implementation of an online accounting

program intended for undertakings performing service, trade, production or service


The CPP software solution allows our users to use Croatian, English, French, Dutch, CPP omogućuje nam da se naši korisnici pri radu koriste  hrvatskim, engleskim, francuskim, nizozemskim, češkim i ruskim jezikom.


By using the CPP cloud accounting solution, our clients minimize administration in their work,

centralize all documentation, speed up business, and are constantly ongoing with information about your business.



Professional cloud solutions for your business

Finance, commodity business, accounting and payroll

Complete solutions for a modern office

System development, office computers, servers, mobile office, education

 Condo Ltd., our choice for hardware organization


In our work, we focus on the accounting profession and the needs of clients.


According to that, we are not able to hire an employee whose task would be to design and set up an IT infrastructure in the hardware area.


Since 2002 our partner in organizing and setting up an IT infrastructure is commercial

company Condo d.o.o


In this way we are able to solve all the challenges posed by the application of new

technologies puts in front of us.